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What is animal communication?

Animal or interspecies communication is a telepathic exchange. Information is conveyed in the form of sounds, smells, pictures, tastes, emotions, thoughts or physical sensations. Time and space are not an issue. A connection can be made with an animal in the same room or on the other side of the globe, alive or deceased. In my practice, I see myself as an interpreter between animals and humans. My opinion is that we are all closer than we think to being able to telepathically communicate with our animal friends Can anyone do this?.

How it can be used

Any conversation that is only one way will be limited. My goal as an animal communicator/interpreter between humans and animals is to increase harmony and understanding in any way I am able. Animals are very much like people. Sometimes they just need to be heard, but sometimes changes need to be made on either or both sides. Here are a few ways I may be able to help you:

Checking in - Are you interested in finding out if they like their new food, your new roommate, your new home, is there anything they have been wanting to share with you, would they like another animal friend, would they feel compatible with an animal you are thinking of adding to your household?

Behavior problems - Are you confused or frustrated with barking, scratching on the furniture, messes in the house, aggression? Communication may be able to help in clearing up some misunderstanding between you and your animal friend. Please note however that my services are NOT a replacement for loving, consistent, and patient training. Animals need boundaries and they learn most quickly and thoroughly when directed in a positive way.

Health problems - Are there mysterious or lingering health problems? My services as an animal communicator are NOT a substitute for veterinarian care, but your animal may be able to tell me where they hurt, or if some treatment feels like it is helping. This information in turn may help you and your veterinarian better treat your animal.

Life changes - Are you making a move, getting married, getting a divorce, going on an extended vacation? Knowing in advance can help animals adjust more easily.

How I work

What you can expect from a session with me is:

1) You contact me and let me know:

•…your animal's name and general description,
•…a photograph (especially if you have a multiple pet household this is helpful),
•…any problems or questions you are having,
•…your contact information.

2) I have a conversation with your animal.

3) I report back to you the results via email.

4) You send me a heart donation, before or after your session. You can mail a check, or use your credit card online and fill in the amount you want to send. To use your credit card, click here.

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