Talk 2 Animals


To request a session

Debbie's preferred method of working is via email. .
Deb's email address
(This address has not been made 'clickable', so the spammers can't automatically collect it)

If you do not have email, send a letter to:

Debbie Freeberg-Renwick
c/o Talk 2 Animals
2551 New Glasgow Road
Fairfield IA 52556

You can also leave a message at (641) 472-6585 at any time and Debbie will return your call

Please include:
1) Your name and email address, or a street address
2) Your animal's name and general description
3) A description of the problem, or the questions you'd like to ask the animal
4) A photograph, especially if you have a multiple pet household

No payment is due when you request a session. You may certainly pay in advance, but you can also send your heart donation after you have received the reading.