Talk 2 Animals
Max the cat

Meet Debbie

Debbie Freeberg-RenwickI live in Fairfield, Iowa with my husband Tim and our four feline friends, Eddy, Hazel, Lucy, and Smitty. I have practiced and taught meditation for over 30 years and practice an energetic healing technique called Sunpoint on animals and humans.

As a young child I had experiences of telepathically connecting with animals, but then the ability disappeared for many years. I again became aware of this ability to communicate with animals in 1991. At first I communicated with animals that lived with friends. I would ask the animals basic questions about their food, treats, where they like to sleep, favorite toys, and such. Then I would go to the person the animal lived with and check my answers against their knowledge. Besides being a lot of fun, I was able to get confirmation and clarification, which helped me refine my abilities. My story... Soon the word spread and I now have clients as far away as Australia.

I volunteer animal communication support to shelters in need. All of the animals in my home were homeless and I highly encourage anyone seeking an animal companion to visit a local shelter. These animals need good homes and are so appreciative when they find one.

Along with my love of animals, I enjoy: costume design, architectural design, English and Scottish Country dance, and singing in a local choir. The new website for my one-of-a-kind children's clothing, Doubletakes Clothing, can be viewed at:

My husband, who is a gifted woodworker, and I designed and built an eco-friendly 572 square foot home. See a slideshow.