Talk 2 Animals


Freyja, Queen of the Farm

Freyja with JenniferAnyone who has animals as pets feels they are close to them. I am certainly one of those. I have a favorite riding horse named Freyja that has a very difficult , chronic skin problem that I have been struggling to treat for years. At wits end as to how to help her, I asked Deb to talk with her. Not only was this mare aware of her own problem, but how she, as a very dignified horse, felt about it…embarrassed and frustrated. This explained a lot about her behavior that I did not appreciate before. Having Deb serve as the bridge between Freyja and me was a lot more than just a chat, but a whole new deeper level of appreciation for the wisdom awake in this horse. I was amazed at the depth of understanding and emotional sensitivity that Deb was conscious of in her communications with Freyja. It wasn't just one way. Deb was able to convey to the horse what I wanted her to know, too! Not only did Deb help me understand my mare's perspective on her health but on this mare's perspective on her life and relationships on our farm. It was very illuminating. Then following some simple suggestions intuited by Deb, not only was I able to help this skin condition, but this dear equine friend and I are closer than ever. For us, Deb is a great ambassador and a ‘trans-species envoy‘!

Jennifer Hamilton
Prairie Garden Farm/Icelandics fra Slettunni

Sheila, finding a new home

Nott with Sheila at heelWe picked up a stray at a county park 2 weeks ago who had seemingly been abandoned. Wanting to know more about what had happened to this lovely young dog, we contacted Deb to talk with her. Deb was able to understand not only the dog's plight and confusion over the loss of her family who had indeed left her, but that she was having leg pain from lack of calcium! The dog had been whining when moving to stand but it was something I had not even mentioned to Deb. But she picked up on it none the less. Deb also talked with our other two dogs . She was able to know how each of them felt about the situation AND was able to convey to them what we humans were trying to do….help Sheila feel welcome in a new home with them. With Deb's help, things are better already, to make this transition smoother for everyone.

Jennifer Hamilton, Fairfield, Iowa

Shelter animals

I work at a large animal shelter and I have asked Debbie several times to help us with animals who have some issues. We have been able to use the information she gave us to help resolve the issue, or place the pet in a home with a family that could help. I highly recommend Debbie for her skill and care.

Paula Sunday
Dog Behavior Counselor
Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Insight with dogs

I have been very happy with Debbie's communication sessions with my three dogs. Debbie has provided insight and solutions to previously frustrating situations. Knowing I have a means of understanding what they are experiencing and a way to give information to my pets is a great feeling. I highly recommend Debbie.

Carol Kline
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Cat & Dog Lover's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2

Adjusting to a move and mysterious ailments

Debbie has been so helpful in communicating with my cats. When we were moving and all the cats were very stressed by it, she spoke to them and let me know just how each one was feeling and what I could do to help make the transition smoother. When one of my cats had a bothersome, mysterious ailment, Deb helped me pinpoint what was wrong and what to do for her. I really value being able to count on Deb for her animal communication skills.

Naomi Greenfield, Sunrise, Florida

Help with life changes

I am a dog fanatic and I think of my dogs as my children. I met Debbie last summer when I was traveling and my border collie Billie, was having a lot of anxiety about the trip. I couldn't help her understand that we were on vacation and that we were going to visit a lot of our old friends.

I spoke to Debbie about this and she contacted Billie. Billie was so upset because she was afraid that we were moving again and she doesn't like to move. But when she found out that is was a vacation for fun everything about her changed. She wasn't so clingy and stopped scratching (a nervous habit) obsessively. She had a great time on the trip has already let Debbie know that she definitely wants to go with me this year too.

I'm able to contact Debbie whenever we go through any big changes or when something just seems wrong. Her help always brings me closer to my pets deepening our love and understanding of each other.

Nicole Gilbert, Austin, Texas

Lost animals and dealing with death

MomoWhen my frightened new cat Momo disappeared, Debbie accurately described his location as nearby and low enough to see peoples' feet. After she reassured him, and us, the next day he came out from under the porch and back in the house. Deb also kept in touch with our old labrador Googers and made her passing easier on all of us. Debbie's natural love of pets and their owners makes her a joy to work with.

Cindy Preston, Birmingham, Iowa

Dealing with death

At a time when I was grieving over my next door neighbor's Jack Russell killing my pet rabbit, and trying to come to terms with that, Debby was actually able to 'relive' the experience inside the rabbit before it died in order to report back to me what exactly had happened while I was away. Through the rabbit's eyes she told me that when the dog chased her on the verandah, the rabbit jumped over the edge of the verandah, but then miraculously didn't feel a thing as she died in mid-air without experiencing the dog even touching her. Somehow this was very reassuring considering the awful circumstances of my finding my bunny dead in the dog's mouth when I returned home.

Ruth Rendely, healer
Sydney, Australia


JeterDeb, Thank you for your thoughts. I agree with every one of them. It is funny, Paula had told me I need to get some jumps set up and do some agility with Jeter... I guess I really do need to! I will start. You brought tears to my eyes, you are so very accurate with him. Thank you. I am sure you will hear from me again. I will send my donation today.

Thank you again for sharing your ability to talk to the animals!!!

Love Robin and Jeter
Adel, Iowa
Volunteer at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa
helper with PAWS program at Mitchellville prison

Help with horses and cats

I have used Deb's service with both our house cats and our horses. I was raised on a farm and look back at the many times veterinarians have said "If only animals could tell us what's wrong". Deb bridges that gap and it's been very helpful to be able to communicate and get to know an individual animal on a level that has previously been guess work. I was initially skeptical but from very basic information she was able to rely background information that was previously only known by me. I was so relieved to be able to give Holly (my horse) exactly what she needed and to understand how she related to me and the other horses. I would recommend Deb to anyone who seeks a deeper relationship and understanding with their pet and I want to thank her for the, sometimes amusing, but always helpful insights. As for myself I now understand that all animals are as diverse as humans and thank you Deb for allowing me to see the world through our pets eyes and from their point of view.

Bert Bell
Fairfield, Iowa